Definitions and Exclusions

European Construction Costs

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Construction costs
The construction costs are measured using the BCIS Elemental Standard Form of Cost Analysis (Principles, Instructions, Elements and Definitions) 4th Edition. The definitions are also taken from this document. There are a number of exclusions that are outlined in the excluded items list. 

Measuring quantities
The quantities are measured in line with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice, 6th Edition, 2007, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The specific definitions for the ratios that are detailed in each estimate are outlined in the glossaries. 

Rebuilding costs
The rebuilding cost also known as the `building reinstatement cost` is a calculation made for the purpose of Fire Insurance Valuations within the UK. The valuation takes in to account a number of factors including current building cost, demolition & site clearance costs and professional fees. The level of detail in this calculation is based on the database costs which are subject to the limitations outlined in the terms & conditions and exclusions. 

Regional variances
The cost data presented in the cost figures section of the website is based on an average cost for the selected country. When creating your own project there is a requirement to select a region in which you expect to the project to be constructed. Regional variances have been calculated as factors +/- the average and are based on industry knowledge and experience of the industry. 

Basic building type
The basic building category is for a below average level of finishes, fittings, equipment and detailing reflected in a lower cost. These more basic standards are defined in the building type description. 

High building type
The high building category is for an above average level of finishes, fittings, equipment and detailing reflected in a higher cost. These typical improved standards are defined in the building type description. 

Excluded items from the construction costs breakdowns
▪ Land acquisition or purchase costs
▪ Site investigation costs and fees
▪ Section 38, 104, 106 and 278 agreements or Community Infrastructure Levy charges
▪ Building control fees
▪ Overtime due to an accelerated programme
▪ 24 hour working due to an accelerated programme
▪ Fit-out beyond that described (furniture etc.)
▪ Equipment
▪ Artwork, litter bins, soap dispenser 'Black goods'
▪ Central file servers, processors and switches or other IT equipment
▪ Catering equipment and restaurant fit out to any building type
▪ Audio / Visual
▪ Asbestos Removal / Contamination
▪ Delay or work due to archaeological finds
▪ Abnormal foundations
▪ Legal fees
▪ Finance costs
▪ Removal of contaminated material from site unless stated
▪ Planning and Building Regulation fees
▪ Services diversions, statutory supplies and connections
▪ Any uplift for boundary conditions
▪ Works outside the building footprint (unless stated)
▪ Any allowance for legal, statutory, site surveys, contractor's designing and marketing fees
▪ No allowance has been included for any renewable technologies ie rainwater harvesting unless stated.
▪ No phasing allowance has been included.
▪ All prices quoted are current at the time of publication or as of the date of reference pertaining to the website. No allowance has been made in any of the prices for future price inflation and this needs to be considered when using the service.