European Construction Costs

Complete European Network

Following the success of Bouwkostenkompas in the Netherlands IGG Bouweconomie has undertaken a project to expand the programme in conjunction with Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) to cover other countries in Europe. The end product will be an annual published handbook of current construction costs for each of the countries that participate. This will include access to an online database which replicates the handbook to enable a subscriber to update and calculate current construction costs.This database is only available to subscribers for the book.

By setting the programme in a common format for the first time, current, accurate construction costs in other countries will be available in a clear, transparent form. A first.

This overview of Europe shows the typical construction costs in each country compared with the average costs in the United Kingdom. So for example Sweden is shown as having higher construction costs (+34%) and Portugal less (-50.1%).

The success of the project relies on the affiliate members of the RLB Euro Alliance, a cooperation of cost engineers in each country providing the accurate local data. With 50 countries in Europe with 43 official languages and 34 currencies you will appreciate the importance of top quality local participation.

The Rider Levett Bucknall concept of Internationally Local is the formula for success.

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