Rider Levett Bucknall is an independent, global property consultant, providing advice focused on the cost, quality and sustainability of the built environment.

The firm, which has over 3,000 staff operating from more than 100 international offices, provides a range of services including Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Building Surveying – underpinned by a range of complementary, specialist advisory services.

Its reach ensures that services are provided in line with the latest innovations and examples of best practice, supporting expertise in a range of sectors including infrastructure, commercial, energy, sport, leisure, retail and residential.

Rider Levett Bucknall is highly cost aware and committed to delivering ‘more with less’ – more services, utilisation and efficiency with less resources, money and waste.
It utilises a Responsible Management philosophy, helping clients to spend less money and delivering more efficient, cost conscious and sustainable results on both a corporate and asset basis.


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Rider Levett Bucknall

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Telephone: 0044 1707 800455
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Andrew Reynolds
Head of Europe
Charles O’Loughlin
Quantity Surveyor

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