IGG Bointon de Groot

IGG Bouweconomie BV, founded in 1988 by Ton de Groot is a bilingual, construction consultancy with a specialisation in building economics.

The current economic climate has made precise financial planning essential so the use of their own software programmes (1600 users in The Netherlands) gives IGG the opportunity to provide excellent outcomes.

The IGG client list includes Schiphol Airport, the Amsterdam Metro, the Royal Palaces and the massive Aalsmeer Flower Auctions. They are also retained by national, provincial and local government to advise and implement budget control measures. At present new builds are rare but the smart methodology developed has enabled them to become leaders in the renovation, refurbishment and conversion of many buildings for hotel, office and commercial applications.

For the non-Dutch client the appeal of having a dynamic and reliable partner in place obviously attracts clients from all over the world who appreciate the clear, strong guidance from consummate professionals. Whereas they clearly understand the concept that ‘The customer is King’ they also appreciate that you pay them to be right!


First Rotterdam

IJ-Dock Amsterdam

Central Station Breda

Rijksstraatweg 354a
2242 AC Wassenaar
The Netherlands
Postal address
P.O. Box 444
2240 AK Wassenaar
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 70 514 54 20
Fax number:
Website: www.igg.nl
Email: info@igg.nl


Ton de Groot
Managing director
Nick Bointon
Europe coordinator

Responsible for:

The Netherlands