In twenty years Bopro has emerged into a solid, renowned company specialised in Management & Consultancy services with regard to real estate, construction and housing.

As a market leader in Belgium and one of the founding partners of the RLB EuroAlliance, we are your independent Construction and Property Manager & Consultant regulated by RICS.

Our whole-of-life approach covers all aspects, from the investment decision and subsequent development to the actual utilisation, on both the private and public market.

Our people are the cornerstone of our success. Our multifunctional and talent - driven organisation is underpinned by strong competency management and ongoing knowledge exchange, in order to guarantee a total service that is innovative and of high quality.

Our aim is to maximise value in the broadest sense of the word, always striving for the optimal balance between economic, social and ecological aspects. Our way of managing real estate processes is the living proof of responsible and sustainable development.


Exos (Leuven, 2011)

Europa College (Bruges, 2008)

MIVB STIB (Brussels, 2010)

Oude Houtlei 140
9000 Gent

Telephone: +32 9 261 54 00
Fax number: +32 9 261 54 10


Peter Garré
Managing director
Peter De Durpel
Sales Director

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