APM management

APM is a consultancy and project management firm. Since 1987, team of APM Management has delivered solutions to private and public agencies for all types of investment projects. We provide smart support from the very conception of the project until its receipt. APM Management is committed to provide solutions and service and continues in that spirit. We like to translate this in one question: How may we help you? We invite you to visit our website to know us better!


New Technologies Center (Guadalajara)

Public Library (Burgos)

Commercial Center (Jerez)

Calle de la Comunidad Canaria Nº4
28660, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Telephone: +34 609 06 59 39
Fax number:
Website: www.apmmanagement.es
Email: info@apmmanagement.es


Jesús Azañedo Vicente
Managing Partner
Ignacio Menendez Pidal
Senior Partner

Responsible for: